Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cookie Decorating

Yesterday the kids and some friends decorated Valentines' cookies.

Christmas and Valentines' cookies are pretty much the only cookie decorating we do all year. Last year we decorated Valentines' cupcakes - not as exciting but faster and easier.

This year we went back to our 2008 cookie decorating theme.


CanadianGrandma said...

Those cookies look yummy!

Edi said...

actually they look better than they taste! I tried a new recipe - the cookie dough has cream cheese in it but only 1/2 c of sugar. Well the cookies are nice and firm and very few broke - which is good - but even once the cookies were frosted I didn't think there was enough flavor. Ditto with my homemade frosting...definitely needed more flavoring. But if the kids still really like them and I don't like them much that's even better since I won't be (as) tempted to nibble on them!

Fernweher said...

these cookies are really pretty and old are the kids who helped decorate?