Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, they are still in their pajamas...not proper cookie decorating attire and definitely not our usual routine to wear pjs til noon.

In honor of Valentine's Day - the kids and I baked sugar cookies and decorated them yesterday.

I've never thought of VDay as being one of the greatest holidays...I am of course all for receiving gifts at any time - but it's not a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving, that you can really get yourself worked up about.

Unless you are 5.5 and 8 years old.

Dd told me she made a "Valentine's Day Tree". She decorated a footstool with red wrapping paper and put some handmade, wrapped in red paper, presents under it. I think she also got her brother to make something and put it under there too.

I didn't/don't want Valentine's Day to be a time that they are expecting presents - but I think it's good that they have a day every few months or so to get "worked up" about. Ds was already asking me today what holiday comes after Valentine's Day.

Anywhooo - we skipped school this morning (I'm the teacher so I can make decisions like that) and baked sugar cookies and decorated them. Eating bits of the decorations along the way.

We brought the cookies to church last night (we have Wed. night supper at church) to share with everyone. Unfortunately not many people were there - so there was a lot of dessert and not many eaters (except dd...she claims she ate 6 cookies and part of a cupcake). I asked her which cookies were better, ours or the store-bought ones that were there. We agreed that while the store-bought ones might have tasted better, ours were more "decorative" (so said the boy). Then the girl added, "I usually like to try to say something that is nice, but that also isn't a lie" (so as not to hurt anyone's feelings). I'm glad she's learning the skill of being diplomatic.


Anonymous said...

HI guys!
Jacob enjoyed seeing your cookie decorating skills!! Those are some very pretty Valentine's Day cookies! We made some heart shaped cookies yesterday too and Jacob put red and pink icing on top, but he said that next year we need to decorate the way you guys did!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!
Love you!

Beth said...

I think your cookies are beautiful! I would have definitely eaten one of yours!