Thursday, February 14, 2008

Frugal Friday Tip - Homeschooling the Early Years

We've been homeschooling for about 4 years now and I am by no means an expert on the subject, but one thing I've learned is that you can do the first few years of homeschooling for basically free.

Preschool, kindergarten and first grade does not require a whole lot of time or money.

There are many websites with free worksheets, activities and crafts that you can do with young children. Enchanted Learning is one that I like. Some of their materials are free, other materials you need to pay a registration type fee of about $20 for the year (less than $2 per month). DLTK is another site I visit from time to time.

What children need for the first couple of years are parents (or a parent) that will read to them a lot, be around to answer their millions of questions, and be willing to teach whenever the opportunity arises. Take the kids to the grocery store with you and talk about the foods you see. Talk about how the cost of produce is calculated and how a scale works. If the car is broken - let them poke around while dad works on it. Cooking in the kitchen - let the kids be involved.

Provide them with the materials they need to be creative and give them their own space to work on their projects to their heart's delight.

Some libraries let you check out free DVDs and videos - search out the educational ones and bring them home.

When visiting the zoo, science center, museums etc. check first to see if there is a "free day" each week. Some of those organizations also have available on their websites free downloadable "teacher guides" or student activities.

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Earthmommy said...

Thanks for this information. We are home schooling our preschooler and I am amazed at how many wonderful resources are available for free.

Beth said...

We are leaving the "early years" (with my older two at least), so we're spending more on books and such, BUT I'm loving how much we can do/learn just from the I was able to show them ziggurats, Mayan pyramids and more, at the click of a button! Love it!

And, Edi, I thought of you immediately today(because I bought a very new-to-me food): a bottle of Kewra water at an Indian grocery, to use in a recipe. I read the ingredients - mostly water. But the 2nd ingredient was...propylene glycol (that's PROPANE!)

Sorry this was so long...

Amy said...

My little one is in K at home. This is a great reminder! Thanks for sharing.

Sonshine said...

Absolutely you can do it for free aside from printer ink and paper! I am working with my 4th preschooler/kdger out of 5 that I have used nothing but the internet and the publilc library as my curriculum. Remember too that the early years are also for letting them just play, explore and learn on their own as well! :)

Hop over to my blog and you will find that I have several links to resources in the right hand column! :)