Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Girl is Now Eleven...

We had a little photo session on her birthday - these are a couple of photos she really wanted Grandma S to see :)

And yes that is a real snake...(skin that is)!

The girl would have been mighty excited to meet the snake that fit that skin...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Transformation - Junonia coenia Hubner

A week or so ago, the girl found a caterpillar.

Into the critter catcher (CC) it went.

Very soon a chrysalis formed at the top of the CC.

This morning the girl placed a damp paper towel in the bottom of the CC.

This afternoon she noticed something different...the chrysalis was broken open and standing outside of it was a butterfly.

We took the butterfly outside for a photo and after a few shots (most too blurry to post) she flew away.

Early tomorrow we are leaving for the farm - what a blessing for the butterfly to be "born" while the girl was still here :)

The girl just looked it up and found out that the butterfly is the Junonia coenia Hubner otherwise known at the Common Buckeye.

Grandma R. told the girl that they recently saw a black snake in their garage and an 8-inch walking stick on the front porch. You can imagine the girl is excited at that news!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gregory the Praying Mantis

I love this photo! Which is the real artwork? Both are unique - both have a Creator/creator.

Gregory is the Praying Mantis the girl found about a week ago. We were just walking along the sidewalk between Hobby Lobby and the fabric store when the girl spotted him on the pavement.

Of course she had to have him. But what to capture him in?? I dumped out my cosmetic case into my purse and she used that. He tried to allude capture by flying across the parking lot into a bush...but the girl was persistent.

Gregory on the girl's arm

We've witnessed Gregory consuming his lunch...not for the faint of crickets having their heads cut off and their guts consumed...