Thursday, February 14, 2008

Barquiron - Wafer Cookie from the Philippines

Barquiron with Cashew Nuts - a product of the Philippines. These colorful cellophane wrapped tubes looked interesting and a bit mysterious. A package of 10 sells for 99 cents.

The ingredients were printed right on the front so I figured they might be a type of candy or cookie - but I wasn't quite sure. Wheat flour, butter milk, cane sugar, cashew nuts & butter.

Unwrapping the paper I found a little wafer-ish tube that was filled with a powder. I crunched it. Very messy. Don't eat while wearing dark clothing.

It has a pleasant taste - a bit sweet and nutty. I don't really like getting a mouthful of powder - unless it's one of those pixie-sticks candy paper tubes filled with crushed sweet/sour candy powder.

Dd said "powdery...very fragile...sweet and tastes powdery."

Ds said "sweet and yummy - just icing sugar."

I guess these are considered a type of cookie - I found this "Essentially a thin batter is poured onto a wafer iron (barquillera) and the wafer cooked to a light brown then immediately rolled while still hot. Once it cools, a crisp cylindrical cookie is formed."

Since the kids have asked me numerous times for more of the "cookies", I take that to mean it's a winner with them.

My picture of one of the little individual cookies didn't turn I'll describe them...they look kind of like a little cigarillo, or a like a piece of chalk. Not that I have personal experience with cigarillos. But speaking of such - these cookies do remind me of the "forbidden" candy cigarettes and gum cigarettes that us kids used to enjoy purchasing on the sly...I don't think my mom would have approved that candy purchase. You could take out one of those gum cigarettes and actually blow on it and a little dust would come out just like real cigarette smoke...or at least we enjoyed thinking it looked real.