Monday, May 5, 2008

Alfajor - Coconut Candy

In honor of Cinco de Mayo - I decided to take the kids to a Mexican grocery store we had never been to before, and see if there would be something interesting for us to buy.

Well not surprisingly, the kids headed straight to the candy section. They agreed on the coconut candy for $1.29 - rather pricey for two small slabs of candy - but it was Cinco de Mayo, so we bought it.

We all loved it. I mean what's not to love about coconut with sugar added. It was sweet, but not too sweet, and coconutty of course.

It was so beautiful outside that we also spent the morning riding bikes (well the kids not me) and then to the park for a picnic.

For supper I put my "Mexican" blanket on the table (purchased last summer in Albuquerque) for a festive tablecloth, and we ate tortillas. Dessert consisted of a family favorite (at least for the children) - Cinnamon Apple Burritos.


Anonymous said...

That candy looks yummy ! Of course I love coconut in most things I bake, but cannot use it as much as I would like since my husband doesn't care for it.