Saturday, January 5, 2008

What the Future Holds

Here are some of our purchases this week from the world food store. At the children's insistence some of them are repeats - like the frog legs (get a bigger package this time, said the kids), the ginger beer (for the boy), the "Afghan" bread and some variety of Feta cheese (for the girl & the mom).

We found some dried durian, which seemed like the answer for this woman who was afraid to unleash the powers of a fresh or frozen fresh durian, in her home.

We've already tried the caviar and the boy keeps talking about how good it is. Here is a part of his conversation from yesterday "Do you think Capt'n D's (cheap, greasy but tasty, fast food seafood restaurant) would sell some caviar?" I replied no - to which he added "Maybe they would if we asked them to."...I think it would be rather hard to deep fat fry some caviar.