Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fish Eggs (a.k.a. Caviar)

We just got home from the world food market and when that happens we are all eager to dig into our fodder. Sometimes like today, we barely make it to the car before opening something up and sampling it. No, it wasn't the caviar. Caviar is NOT the type of food that you can eat straight out of the jar, in a 15 yr old Toyota, in the store parking lot. It demands some ambiance.

So we waited until we got home and ate it at the kitchen table. So much for ambiance.

I know this is not "good" caviar because it cost less than $4 for a 1.75 oz jar...and I've always been lead to believe that it can cost hundreds of dollars. Guess it depends on the type of fish it comes from. The hundred dollar variety would be lost on the kids and I anyway - so this was sufficient for the likes of us.

This particular caviar comes from "lumpfish" a.k.a. "lumpsucker". I kind of thought "lumpfish" was an unappetizing name - guess the alternative was not much better.

Here is a picture of the little fella.

The caviar is imported from Sweden, which due to the fact that I am part Swedish (amongst a host of other nationalities) - bode well for me. I know it's kind of "prejudiced" on my part - but when I'm buying food, I'm kind of hesitant to buy certain things from certain places.

I guess I'm kind of scared that certain countries won't be as careful with the production process as the USA would be.

Anywhooo - the fish eggs were red. Not naturally so - as one of the ingredients (lumpfish roe being the first, salt being the second) is food coloring.

Ds asked "if there was no food coloring, do you think you could see the babies?" Poor kid, how sad to think you are eating the tiniest little baby fishes :( Sure didn't stop him from asking for seconds though.

Surprisingly ds really liked the caviar. The girl only took one small portion on her fork - but after she saw how much her brother was liking it, she asked for another helping. The boy said "a hint of shrimp taste...super salty". The girl said "salty and fishy".

I thought it tasted very salty with a salmon-ish flavor. I liked how when I bit down on the little eggs it gave a slight popping sound, kind of like pop rock candy - which the boy must have thought so too, b/c he was eating his eggs when he brought up the fact that he wanted pop rock candy again some day.

We had quite the international meal with our caviar.

Ginger Beer (purchased by ds with his own $ since he loves it so much now), "Afghan" Bread (now a staple we pick up each time we go to the world food store), and feta Cheese (dd likes to pick out some new kind of feta each time we are there).

I actually placed some feta on my "Afghan bread" and sprinkled some caviar on top of the cheese. Salty goodness!


Kay said...

The one time I tried caviar I liked it, too. The woman who provided it said to put it with cream cheese on the cracker. So your feta combo is close, but saltier, I guess.

Anonymous said...

You're funny. You're a good writer too.