Monday, December 3, 2007

Afghan or Armenian Bread or Lavash

I don't have a definite name on this bread because:

1. the man bringing the fresh bread on a cart into the store could not speak English. I had bought this bread before and had no name for it - the plastic bag it's in has nothing on it except for the price. So I figured this was the guy that would know the proper name. But when I asked him he just said "fresh".
2. another guy stocking the shelf said "we just refer to it as "Armenian Bread" and when I went to check out the cashier referred to it as "Afghan Bread".

I hate not knowing the proper names for what we are eating - but it's so delicious that it doesn't really matter. Though if I knew the name I could try making it myself.

The distinguishing features of this bread are that it is flat and about the size and shape of a large or extra large pizza and it is stretchy and chewy.

It's nothing like pita bread. It's nothing like pizza dough. It's not even like a tortilla.

All 3 of us LOVE this bread. It does not have a strong yeasty smell or flavor so I don't even know if it has yeast in it. When you pull on it - it stretches before it breaks. In some ways it reminds me of a puffy pancake - minus the syrup. We've enjoyed eating it with goat's cheese spread over top of it -YUM!

The bread comes in a set of 2 - and one time it was STILL WARM when I put it in the shopping cart.

I have a great bread book called "The World Encyclopedia of Bread and Bread Making" - I went through the book and thought it possibly could be Lavash "Lavash is one of the largest of the Middle Eastern flat breads. It can be round...and up to 2 feet in diameter. The bread came originally from Armenia and Iran...the dough is often taken by villagers to the local bakery to be slowly baked in clay ovens called furunji."

The next time we have soft tacos I'd like to try substituting the tortillas for this bread.


Patty said...

It reminds me of a bread made by a friend of mine many years ago, she was from Syria

Anonymous said...

I believe I know this bread... I have an armenian cookbook where it is called pedih, or "armenian bread"

Anonymous said...

Hi, im armenian and i can say that this bread is similar to "armenian bread" which called "lavash" or "luvush". Armenian lavash is bigger and thinner and they cook it in the woodoven which is in the ground. This bread is more like lebanese manush bread.