Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kumquats -Give Those Old Oranges A Swat - title revamped by dd who thought previous title was too boring

I had often heard of kumquats and had come across them from time to time, but had no clue to what they tasted like.

They are little and cute - so who wouldn't want to taste one. Everything I read about these little cuties, indicated that it had a sweet peel (you eat everything but the seeds) and a sour center. Sounds yummy enough. You are supposed to eat them as you would eat a grape, and roll them betwixt your fingers before popping them into your mouth, in order to improve the flavor.

But as we all know, just b/c the mysterious "they" say something tastes a certain way - it doesn't mean that it does to us.

Biting into my first one the flavor was like biting into the peel of an orange and then sucking on a very sour lemon. So really - compared to the lemony center the peel was "sweet". But to me the peel was quite bitter.

My dd really likes them. After the initial tasting she has enjoyed eating them...she will usually slice them in half, take out the seeds and eat everything else. She said the flavor was like "a combination of sweet, sour and bitter...a mixture of an orange and a lemon."

My ds said, "I thought they were sweet and sour a little and they were...just good." And he also wanted me to add "and they were groovy".