Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Camping - Part Three

We headed on over to the lodge to admire the beauty of the old structure, and to take advantage of the heated, clean restrooms (the campground restrooms were being cleaned and were thus out of service.

The visitor center was not open yet, so we consulted a map we had brought along and decided to take a hike on the "Goat Cliff Hiking Trail". All four of us enjoyed the hike, in spite of the wind and cold. The trail was unpaved (the girl's favorite type), there were some large rock formations and "caves" along the trail - which were also a hit with the children. The girl was all set to enter a small cave - not caring that we had no light - not caring that there could be a 100 ft drop off inside not caring that there could be a bobcat bobbing about inside...

We wandered around on some other trails after Goat Cliff and then headed back to the visitor center. We watched three short videos (less than 15 min each) on the park, one on eagles and one on the CCC (n the 1930's, with the advent of the Great Depression and with the nation’s natural resources in jeopardy due to poor environmental practices, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was created. At Pere Marquette, the CCC built many buildings and shelters, fences, bridges, water reservoirs, foot and horse trails, riprap and streambank protection. Work was also done to create parking areas, campgrounds, and the clearing of overlooks and vistas. In addition, archeological and other types of surveying activities were conducted. Many of these CCC structures are still standing.)

After the videos we were ready for some lunch, so we headed back to our campsite. I had planned on just having some simple sandwiches for lunch - but we wanted to see what all we could cook on the Coleman stove - so I made spaghetti and sauce - which worked out well - albeit very bland since the canned sauce definitely needed some spicing up.

We then rested awhile and then "broke up camp" and headed on home.

The girl inside a replica of an eagle's nest.


CanadianGrandma said...

Wow! That was some nest!!! I know that eaglets get large, but I never imagined it would be that huge! Amazing!