Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Camping - Part Two

We arrived at the campground around 4:30 PM and proceeded to pick out a spot for our tent. Though the tent area was pretty empty - it still took us a couple of drives around the loop and much hemming and hawing, to figure out the right spot.

And after we chose our spot- we realized that yes it was in fact the best spot b/c it was set back in the woods and very private. Yes we had further to walk to get water and use the bathroom and we had to park our minivan a short distance away and hoof in our gear - but it was worth it.

The kids liked that the spot was "woodsy" instead of out in the open.

It was very WINDY. DH and the kids set up the tent while I drove back into town to get some firewood...my first drive of the minivan over 40 MPH :) Because of how things were set up at the house selling the wood - I parked on a small paved road in front of the "barn". I then went in search of the sellers of firewood. An elderly lady came out of the house and asked where I parked. I told her. She got concerned and said "you are parked on the bike trail - they will fine you $75 if they see you parked there!!" I quickly moved the minivan.

I eventually got back to the campsite and thankfully the tent was all put up :). DH was able to get a fire started pretty quickly and before too long we were feasting on hotdogs, beans and s'mores.

We all settled into our tent around 10PM and seemed to fall asleep quickly. I woke around 2:30 to a flat mattress and a shivering husband. It was VERY cold. I hadn't brought much in the way of warm clothing for any of us - other than sweatshirts and very light jackets. I hoped my children were not freezing to death in their sleeping bags.

DH inflated the mattress some more and shut the "windows" and that helped a little I guess. It probably took me an hour or more to fall back asleep and then I was awake for good around 6 AM.

I tried starting the Coleman stove myself, to make something hot for us all to drink, while DH tried to sleep awhile longer. The stove lit easily but then flames were shooting out where they shouldn't be - so I told the girl to get her father up - so much for "sleeping in."

The stove was fixed, hot beverages and porridge served...and it was still very cold outside...and we still had some hiking ahead of us.


CanadianGrandma said...

Camping when it is cold is NOT fun! However, you are still young, so that might make a difference.

Anonymous said...

I would have ended up sleeping in the van - I hate cold :) It looks like a very nice spot to camp. Did you see any wildlife?