Saturday, May 22, 2010

End of an Era

Yesterday we sold my old car.

It is old. Almost 20 years old. A 1991 Toyota Camry. If it had gone to school it would have graduated last year. Or maybe two or three years ago since everyone knows Toyotas are superior :)

We bought a (used) minivan about a month ago and so we needed to get rid of one of our two cars - mine being the oldest, had to go.

I felt a bit nostalgic about losing the dh bought it 15 yrs ago just before he made his maiden voyage to Canada - to visit me for the first time in my native land (we had met before but always in the USA).

It was the car we drove on our honeymoon, the car I learned to drive on, the car we brought baby #1 home from the hospital in, the car I've driven almost daily for the past 10 years.

It had it's problems...a transmission rebuild the year after we bought it -some mysterious undiagnosable stalling problems for a year or so a few years ago (that finally did get diagnosed and fixed) and a number of minor annoyances and body deterioration - but I still "loved" it. If it weren't for the minivan purchase (necessitated by the need for a (hopefully) more reliable vehicle after dh's car showed evidence of slowing down in its old age -14 yrs) -I would have driven it until it died or fell apart due to rust!


CanadianGrandma said...

It is time to say goodbye to our old cars!

Anonymous said...

We can become attached to a vehicle that has provided faithfull and reliable service, especialy when it's been around for along time.It is almost like a pet.