Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fall Colored Leaf Sugar Cookies

This morning the kids and I have been working on these fall colored leaf cookies for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

They are super simple - I got the idea from a Country Living Magazine article (they "glued" the leaves onto a cardboard wreath) a few years ago.

I'm not too happy with the pinkish leaf color -was hoping for more burgundy-ish or red, but oh well. I added a bit of black to the red to alter it and still not happy...the girl said "that's what you did last time too!" I really like the orange color - wish I had made more of that one.

I just used a sugar cookie recipe I found online.

All you do is make your cookie dough recipe and then divide up the dough and add different food colorings to each batch. Roll out your dough - pressing two or more colors together. When cutting out the cookies - make sure you place your cutter in an area where two or more colors will meet. Then draw leaf "veins" on with something pointy (I used a cake tester) and sprinkle on a little colored sugar.


Jennifer said...

How cool! I bought Charlotte some cookie cutters and rolling pin for Christmas, but might need to bust them out early to try these.

CanadianGrandma said...

Cute idea for fall leaves!