Friday, November 20, 2009

Easy Christmas Shopping

The other day I asked the kids what were three things they really wanted for Christmas. I made a point of telling them that didn't mean that they were going to get those three things - but I was just curious to know what they were.

Here is the girl's list:

Swiss Army Knife

Yes the third item is in fact a coconut. And she did stress that she was not joking - she really did want one. "I've been thinking about them lately...".

I'm sure it's true b/c the last couple of times we've been in the grocery store she has asked if we can purchase one. We had a bad experience with the last coconut we bought(it was rancid and nasty) so I haven't allowed her to get another one.

Well I guess I'll pass the list along to Santa and see if maybe he can pick one up when passing through Hawaii...


CanadianGrandma said...

What was the boy's list?

Edi said...

The boy had a hard time coming up with a list...he said Lego and a slingshot and one other thing I don't remember.