Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Thanksgiving "Feast"

We sometimes like to do things a little different around here at Exotic Eating...

Instead of Thanksgiving Dinner at a relatives home...a dinner we were thankful for at Hardees (sure thankful it was open!).

Instead of turkey a Spicy Chicken Sandwich...

Instead of mashed potatoes some french fries...

Instead of green bean casserole with fried onions some onion rings...

On Wednesday we were packed and ready to leave for dh's aunt/uncle's home Thursday morning. Wednesday evening dh started feeling crummy...Wednesday night he got sick. Ugh.

By Thursday morning he was feeling some better but we certainly didn't want to chance bringing a bunch of germs to all our family (I doubt they'd be thankful about that!) ...and dh really just needed to sleep and we needed to see if it was going to turn into some long drawn out sickness.

We had nothing Thanksgiving foodish in the a cran-apple pie and some fall leaf cookies I was planning on bringing to our Thanksgiving celebration. Dh was not hungry.

I decided to take the kids out for lunch. Wasn't sure what kind of places would be open - I phoned a few restaurants but no answer. So I thought we could just get in the car and drive around and see what restaurants had cars parked outside.

We didn't have to drive far to spot a Hardees with a handful of cars. The kids thought Hardees sounded good.

We then went to pick up some ice-cream from Walmart - for the hub (well and for us too of course). While browsing around Walmart someone stole the girl's nice gloves out of our shopping cart! This was the first time she wore the gloves and they were sitting in the bottom of the cart...which sometimes was somewhat "unattended". The store only had a few shoppers . When we went to check out we noticed the gloves were no longer in the cart. Too big too fall through the cracks in the cart. There is a slight chance that at some point the girl took the gloves out of the cart and then left them somewhere - but we're leaning toward the thievery...pretty pathetic to spend your Thankgiving Day stealing little girl's gloves from a shopping cart.

Our supper meal was even more spectacular - Ramen Noodles :)

Hey - the girl said it's one of her most favorite foods ever and that she could eat it every day!

Even the dh had some.

Then we had root beer floats for dessert.

Everyone likes root beer floats!

You don't need to have a big Thanksgiving Dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving. You don't need to have a room full of people and food to be thankful.

In spite of sickness, in spite of a Hardees meal instead of a turkey dinner (I'm mostly sad about missing out on stuffing/dressing and gravy!), in spite of new gloves being thieved - we have so much to be thankful for.

"...And having food and raiment let us be therewith content." 1 Timothy 6:8


CanadianGrandma said...

Your Thanksgiving food sounded pretty good to me! I, too, missed out on our family dinner because of illness. Well, there is Christmas dinner to look forward to!