Monday, December 8, 2008

Footlong Gingerbread Folk

In a magazine recently I saw how a family had some giant gingerbread people on display in their kitchen. The gingerbread folk were bought from a bakery, the article said.

I decided to try and make some myself this morning. Not quite as large as the ones in the magazine - but larger than I've ever made before.

I didn't have a large cookie cutter - so I just found an image online of a gingerbread man (GBM), enlarged it and printed it. Then I cut out the GBM and then traced around it on the dough. You can't tell real well the true length b/c of how I positioned the ruler but they are almost an inch shy of a foot. So I call them "Footlong Gingerbread Folk".

I just used a standard GBM recipe for the dough - and cooked them a little longer than the recipe stated.

I love putting "hair" on my gingerbread folk - this posting describes how you can make the hair.

This was just a trial run on the Footlong Folk - for the real ones we'll plan on icing them and decorating them up a bit more. The kids love making these...the girl (and mom!) love eating them. The boy just came and asked if I could make some "white" Footlong Folk b/c he doesn't like the gingerbread taste.

For more kitchen tips - check out Tammy's Recipes.


Kara said...

What fun, we're going to have to try this!!

CanadianGrandma said...

Wow! I can't see myself making such large ones...good for you! Tomorrow I'll make the reg. size and minature gingerbread men. I love the flavour!

Jennifer said...

I've never made GBM. I might have to give it a try. I hope you will share pictures when you make the other ones.