Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday - Gingerbread Hair

Rock's in My Dryer is featuring a "Works For Me Wednesday".

A few years ago, we came across a procedure for making hair for gingerbread men and women.

Around this time of year everyone likes to make gingerbread people - and this is one way to make yours a little more special. Adding edible hair.

It is very simple. Using your usual gingerbread recipe, cut out your gingerbread men & women and then roll the scraps into a ball and place inside a potato ricer. Press down and little "wormy" strands of gingerhair come out the holes.

Gently remove the "hair" and using either short or long strands - place gently on the gingerbread woman in the style you desire. Press down gently so that the hair attaches to the head - then pop in the oven and bake as usual.

I tried something different this time - not only did I make the hairy gingerpeople, but I made some sugar cookie gingerbread people and instead of using sugar cookie dough - I used gingerbread for the hair to give more of a contrast. I used one of these for the picture so you could see the hair better.

Having hair on the gingerpeople gives them more personality! It works for me!

Later today we will be having a "cookie decorating party" with some friends - and the gingerpeople will finally get some clothes!


ames said...

Ha! That's so cool!

margalit said...

This is brilliant. I would never have thought of it on my own, but I'm sure going to borrow it. I love to make gingerbread people all year round, and with some creative use of food coloring, hair can be as crazy as your imagination! Thanks!

Jenn said...


The Correspondent said...

I like the way these look! Thanks for mentioning this idea in my comments section and posting a picture here. Now I'm wondering if this warrants an investment in a potato ricer ... They're probably not that expensive, huh? I suppose if a new toilet seat causes me to change out bathroom wallpaper, I could spring for a potato ricer. :-)

You're way ahead of us on the "exotic" part of edibles, but the other day I did buy a box of Clementines as well as some mangos, neither of which are regular items around our house. Thanks for the inspiration.