Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Smoky Bacon Potato Crisps

O.K. - I have eaten potato chips all my life - but I have never eaten "Walker's Smoky Bacon Flavour Potato Crisps from the UK."

One word - delicious! Or "delishy-aw-so" as the boy likes to say (I guess he fancies himself bilingual).

I say potato chips, you say potato crisps - but it's all the same crunchy, goodness.

These crisps were a yummy, crunchy, bacon-ful snack. Only problem was that there were only about 10 crisps in the bag and there were three hungry vultures wanting to devour them.

Could there ever be a flavor of potato chips that was not tasty?? I have had dill, sour cream and onion, cheese, bbq, salt n vinegar (by far the VERY VERY VERY BEST), all dressed, jalapeno, and pretty much every regular flavor around - but I had never tried limon flavor until this past summer.

We were on a trip to Santa Monica, CA and on a little side trip to 7-11 to procure slurpees, we came across limon flavored potato chips. I bought a bag and the kids and I had a taste. It was very similar to salt n vinegar but instead of the vinegar flavor you get a sour lemon flavor. A bit odd. I think we did finish off the bag - but it's not a flavor I'd be purchasing again - unless it was the only bag of chips in the store.