Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pepino Melon

"But it's EX-O-TIC", pleads my daughter. She was campaigning for me to buy a pepino melon. There was no price listed but I figured it was probably going to be close to $2 - and it was very small (about the size of a large apple).

We bought it - $1.50.

I was surprised at how thin the peel (or is it called a rind) was - unlike any other kind of melon I've purchased - the knife slid easily through cutting it in half.

There were some seeds and some stringy-ish portions that were easily scooped out. We sliced up the melon and had a taste.

It was very watery and soft like a ripe cantaloupe. Not very sweet at all. It tasted similar to a honeydew melon. The children did not like it - they didn't think it had much flavor at all.


Anonymous said...

When they are ripe enough to eat - they will have a relatively mellow flavor - I find them to taste like a combination of pear & banana.

I probably wouldn't have like them as a kid/teenager - but love them as a little treat now.

They are also beautiful to look at while they're ripening in your fruit bowl. :)

I hope you've tried these a few more times since you posted this blog forever ago. I only found it because I was looking for a picture of this melon, and yours looked nice! :)