Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Little Phantoms of the Opera

My kids are obsessed with "Phantom of the Opera" (POTO). It began a few weeks ago when my POTO arrived in the mail. My dd cabbaged onto it rather quickly and began playing the songs over and over. And of course whatever the girl is doing, the boy becomes interested in also - so soon they were both humming, singing or listening to POTO.

Over Thanksgiving our family had a reunion and the reunion features a talent show. Dd wanted to sing one of the songs from POTO - but her brother would not agree to sing the Phantoms part and neither would her father or I.

After Thanksgiving we checked POTO dvd out from the library. I wasn't sure how kid friendly it was - so at first I only let the children watch the musical selections. Of course that only made them more interested in finding out what the whole story was about.

We let them watch a portion of the movie one night, and that night ds was scared - so we told him he'd have to wait until he was older to watch anymore of it. Sister got to stay up a few nights later and finish watching the movie. Afterwards she thanked her dad for letting her watch it. She enjoyed it. She told the brother what he missed.

Then this morning before school the children came to me and told me they wanted me to watch their skit. A skit that was based on some of the musical scenes from POTO. Costumes and mask courtesy of the girl.

Their skit lasted about 15 min - there was singing, there was acting and at the end there was a request for autographs (I think they got that backwards) and some money!

I like moments like these...children learning to enjoy good music, learning to act and put together a show all on their own...no adult intervention (except when the boy's mask would not stay on and I had to get it re-attached with dental floss).