Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Silver Dollar City - Skillet Sausage Medley

When you walk around Silver Dollar City, you see these HUGE frying pans/skillets cooking delicious one pan meals.

Every time we went to SDC I'd remark about how cool the giant skillets were and wondered what the various meals tasted like, but would end up ordering something like a hamburger. Back home, due to my love for kielbasa, I'd try coming up with my own SDC like skillet dinners (minus the giant skillet). Potato/cheese pierogies with kielbasa, onion and peppers was a nice combination.

Well this weekend I finally tasted my first (and second) Silver Dollar City skillet meals. They were yummy!

The first skillet dinner was called Calico Potatoes...sliced red potatoes, sliced sweet potatoes, kielbasa (or some similar sausage) and (supposedly) onion and peppers. It tasted good but I was disappointed b/c you could barely see or taste the onions and peppers.

The next day I tried a different skillet vendor and it was just what I was looking for. Skillet Sausage Medley - Sliced red potatoes, kielbasa, corn, and large chunks of onion and peppers - delicious!

I asked the vendor what kind of seasoning they use but he said he "didn't know" as the potatoes and peppers come to him pre-seasoned.

So if anyone knows the appropriate seasonings for the skillet medley - please let me know~thanks.


Kara said...

That looks and sounds so yummy!!

CanadianGrandma said...

Perhaps a FEW red pepper flakes (they are very potent) and garlic would add to the flavour. Mind you, you don't need much added flavour with sausage in the mix.

ames said...

Wow, that looks (and sounds) soooooooo GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Just got back from Silver Dollar City two days ago. I had the Skillet Sausage Medley. On the side there were seasonings you could sprinkle on your own, if you wanted. They were Cajun seasoning, onion powder, or garlic salt. There may have been a couple of others. I think the seasonings are pretty basic. Could even be Lawry's in the skillet.

Anonymous said...

They sell the seasoning now at the park. I forgot which store sells it. There's a store that demonstrates making corn meal, they make fresh fudge as well. That's the where you get the seasoning though for the skillet medley. It's called "Black Kettle Seasoning". They also sell bags of their funnel cake mix.

When we go to SDC, the skillet medley is the only thing I eat. I'll only eat the one you were talking about, and out of all of the booths that have the giant skillets, the only one that sells this recipe is the booth right down from the pork skins. Across from the train bridge.

Anyway, I hope this helps. I bought the seasoning last year. I need to get some more for myself. I plan on asking if I can have them ship it to me. I've tried for years to make this dish at home. It's always been good, but never tasted like theirs. I saw that bottle of seasoning, asked if that's what they used, and they were right.

Hope you enjoy it.

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SDC skillet lover! said...

The seasoning for the Sausage medley skillet is Tony Sacheries cajun seasoning. I to have had a great desire to gobble up this skillet a couple times a year when we visit. Up until a couple years ago they had the seasoning set out where you pick up your food to give it a last season to taste before you set to enjoy but you don't see them anymore. This skillet is very easy to prepare at home as well and Tony Sacheries Cajun seasoning is avail almost anywhere.