Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sometimes Reality is Scarier Than The Giant Barn Swing Ride

Giant Barn Swing - Silver Dollar City (check out this YouTube vid showing the ride in action)

Some people enjoy being scared. And they ride the biggest, scariest rides in the park. They enjoy the feeling of falling or flying or not knowing what is going to happen next. And they even pay MONEY to scare themselves - CRAZY!

I don't like big, scary rides. At Silver Dollar City I only went on three rides that, other than the kiddie rides, were probably the mildest in the park.

Both my kids went on this ride and lived to tell about it (my dh and 2 kids are in the last 3 seats in the front on the right). "Something can be scary and fun at the same time" said the boy after he got off the ride proclaiming it the best ride ever.

If you really want a big scare, that doesn't cost anything - just check out our economy...hmmm, I better rephrase the "doesn't cost anything" part.


CanadianGrandma said...

Well, I would NEVER try anything like that even if I did not get sick on rides! Bravo to the kids!

Jocelyne Marie-Beatrice Sade said...

I'm so sorry to impose a non-relevant comment to this blog... though I am not a scared-half-out-of-your-wits kinda gal either!

But I am an ex-French Canadian too (never thought of myself like that before, just that I was born in Montreal!)and have to say I TOO am baffled at vase, and many other words coming from french and now to be pronounced in ??? frenglish?

I found your note at another blog discussing the word thorough (pronounced thor-oh of course)and
was so pleased(?) to hear someone else bring up the same dilemma I've had for years!! I could sit here and try to remember all the words I trip over, but memory fails me!

Alors... merci and au revoir, mon amie!

Anne Marie said...

That is my favorite ride ever! I think everyone should go on it, I always feel bad for people who went to SDC and didn't ride it. I can ride it several times in a row without getting sick, and I get sick easy :) My kids love it too.

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