Friday, October 17, 2008

Birthday Cake

Just wanted to show the cute birthday cake my dd baked all by herself. You know you are getting old when all the candles overload the cake and the cake starts falling apart!

On Wed I had decided to take a nap - not an unusual event by any stretch - but the nap did stretch out longer than normal (hey I've been sick). When I awoke there were some strange noises coming from the kitchen. I checked it out. My girl had just finished layer one of a heart shaped cake. This was dd's first solo oven-baking attempt and it worked out just fine. On the table there was a ruler (so she could measure her pan) and a very long metal kabob thingy that she used as a cake tester :)

What was especially special about the cake baking was the fact that dd was feeling sick and feverful that day but she really wanted to surprise me with the cake..."I thought I ought to sacrifice something" she replied when I asked why she made the cake if she was feeling so poorly.

Note the sliced almonds arranged in a 40 :)


TheSaxonHus said...


The cake looks pretty good (though I'm not an almond lover - are you really 40? That can't be right).

Hope you are feeling better and enjoyed the cake.

CanadianGrandma said...

How sweet of your daughter to make you a cake even tho' she was not well! Hope you had a great birthday!

The Correspondent said...

Happy birthday to you!

And kudos to GroovyGirl for a fantastic job on the cake.

I hope everyone gets to feeling better.

Jennifer said...

That cake is precious, even more so because of the sacrifice!

Happy belated birthday.