Monday, October 20, 2008

Mini Beef Pot Pies

The other day I wanted to make some individual beef pot pies and came up with the idea to bake them in a giant muffin tin pan.

I love pot-pies but have avoided purchasing them from the store since I found out that one little pie has at least 500 calories and at least half of that is fat (might as well just have a lard sandwich!). I figured surely I could do a little better than those numbers.

I liked the look of the little pies - but something happened that I wasn't quite expecting. Removing the pies from the muffin tin was not an easy task. They tended to stick a lot - so once out of the tin - they didn't look quite so nice :(

I would like to try again - any tips for easy removal from the pan??


Heather said...

We discovered this a few months ago when making blueberry pie. Several things you can do--using a spoon to pop them out seemed to work well for us but try oiling or oiling and flouring the pans first. (It seems to me that preheating the tin the way you do a pizza pan then oiling and placing them in would be the most effective way to do it though I think also the hardest. Could also try using cup cake wrappers. My kids also LOVE using our silicon set for these because they are very easy to pop out.

CanadianGrandma said...

You could use parchment paper, altho' it takes more time to do(measuring and cutting).On days when you are not baking, then spend the time cutting the paper into circles for future use. Don't fill your pies too full so that it bubbles over.