Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ribbed Cracklings

As far as junk food goes - there isn't quite anything to match a bag of Salt n Vinegar potato chips.

I recently found a more healthy alternative to an old favorite - Salt n Vinegar Cracklings, which is a product of the Philippines.

This bag of "chips" cost approximately $1.

They were surprisingly good (I guess just about anything covered in enough salt and vinegar would taste great).

Dd - "Mmmm it's delicious - spicy though - I love these cracklings."

Ds - "Mmmmmm" - and he kept eating more.

Me - not as salt n vinegary as chips...and crisp like a rice snack.

The cracklings are product of Oishi .

Main ingredients are: wheat, tapioca starch...


Heather said...

Funny. I am sitting here eating Nori Seaweed rice crackers. A favorite snack in our house and which I just picked up at BigLots (our sell out store.) Those sound good too.

CanadianGrandma said...

Those treats sound delicious! I have not come across these tempting tidbits!