Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A King, A Ring and A Prickly Thing

I know these beautiful fall mornings won't last forever - so we need to take advantage of them while we can.

We usually begin school at 8:00 AM - but around 7:30 AM I decided that a walk to a far-away park would have to take place first. When I say far-away park, I'm speaking in relative terms...it's a park we've driven to many times, have biked to as well - but have not walked there.

We did find some interesting treasures on our walk...a king, a ring, and a prickly thing.

THE KING. "King" is the name of this GIANT caterpillar the girl found. She has a thing for caterpillars. I have never seen such a huge caterpillar before. The girl was somewhat convinced that she had stumbled upon a new "breed", heretofore unknown. He seemed partially dead...and being dropped a few times on the way home, may hasten his demise, but the girl was intent on bringing him home dead or alive. The kids decided to name him King (b/c he is so large). Well that was until they decided his name should be Caliber (as in bullets...the boy came up with that name). The girl said when she touched him, he felt scaly.

THE RING. A diamond studded, gold ring was found on the sidewalk on the way to the park. It is actually very ugly...the photo doesn't show the "diamonds"but they are there. Most likely fake. It would have to be fake because I would never find a real diamond studded, gold ring that I could sell on eBay for thousands of dollars. Fun to find anyway. The boy said "Well what if you just assumed it was real (his rationale) and said it was gold and diamonds and sold it." I told him that would be dishonest.

THE PRICKLY THING. Just a purple thistle that the girl was willing to risk physical injury, in order to obtain. It is pretty.


Anonymous said...

The ring may be expensive and someone's cherished wedding band. You should put an ad in the local paper or flyers up in a grocery store. If no one claims it, I would get it appraised, because you never know.

Edi said...

I've already thought about reporting it found - but first I want to make sure it's real. It may be a man's ring b/c it is very large and loose on my finger.

CanadianGrandma said...

Well, your kids are quite the explorers! The ring could be valuable. Observing the wonderful things in nature is so great for children and equally fun!

Lynda said...

Have to agree with Rhonda... 2 years ago I lost a bracelet that was given to me by my husband... huge sentimental value as well as being an expensive piece. Insurance covered the $$'s but the pain in my heart from losing it is still there. I reported it to the local police and put an ad in the paper but it never turned up. So sad.