Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Trip - Part 2 By GroovyGirl

A highlight of Lincoln's New Salem was the horses.

Here is the rest of GroovyGirl's trip review. It is interesting for me to see what she really remembered and thought of things.

Illinois Museum: I won't write much about it. I liked it a little but mom and dad hated it and thought it was so boring. Later they wished they had skipped it.

Lincoln's House: I thought it was so fun. Mom liked it and so did dad. It was quite cold there. I learned that at first it only had one story. But a few years later Lincoln added an extra floor.

Inside Lincoln's Outhouse

New Capitol: It was beautiful - silver colored. We took a 20 minute tour. It was just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside!

Old Capitol: Not quite so pretty as the new one. The dome on top is red. Mom did not come in (she looked at a store instead). When the air conditioning blew on some scales inside they move up and down all day!

Cozy Dog: A restaurant with yummy fries and corn dogs. Cozy Dog is supposed to be the first company to invent corn dogs (there they call them cozy dogs, thus the name).

Lincoln's New Salem: I like it. There are lots of old buildings (well not old they were made like the originals). I hated how some you couldn't go into (most of them). There are real horses, cows and sheep.

Lincoln's Tomb: It's massive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful too. There is even a balcony. We were disappointed it's blocked off. Amazing they would do it for a man just because he was President! On the tip top there's a smaller Washington Monument and near the base are metal sculptures. The material is from melted down canons!

Wendy's: We hardly ever go to Wendy's. We used to but all the Wendy's around us closed up then earlier this year one finally opened but it's in a part of town we don't go to very often. The "Frosties" were yummy!

The New Capitol Building


CanadianGrandma said...

Beautiful pictures and excellent dialogue for a 9 year old! Interesting "outhouse" !