Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chocolate Mushrooms - Product of Japan

This was one type of mushroom that not only was the boy willing to try - but asked for more and more!

Japanese products always seem to be esthetically pleasing. They are cutesy and fun.

When I saw this little box of mushrooms I wasn't quite sure what I was getting, but I'm pretty good at recognizing chocolate, so I figured these would be safe.

The outside package is unique in that you don't just tear open an end, but rather there are perforated edges on the front that you press down on and "cut out" a kind of circle design to open the box. There is a little notched tab on the front that allows you to seal the box back up. There are even directions (in Japanese) on the inside to show you how the tab works.

The inside package is even decorated.

What a fun surprise it was for the kids (and for me!) to see the cute, miniature cookie mushrooms. The stem is cookie and the top is a piece of chocolate. A great combination.

I think this box of cookies cost about $ is made by the same company that made Yan Yan. And as the boy pointed out - "the stem is like the Yan Yan stick and the top is just chocolate."

I just checked and sells these if you want to try them for yourself. A fun little gift for someone.


TheSaxonHus said...


About how many cookies in a box?

Edi said...

I'd say at least 20, maybe 25...we just finished them off this morning and I didn't count before we consumed.

Lynda said...

The Japanese just do such cute food... but when I see things like this, I can't help but wonder what the marketing dept meetings were like.

CanadianGrandma said...

How cute! No wonder your son loved them!

kickkey said...

These are the kind of mushrooms I would like!

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