Monday, June 9, 2008

Yan Yan - Japan

Yan Yan is snack from Japan. These are little stick cookies that you dip in chocolate. This chocolate delight cost about $1.00.

The girl found this treat and bought it for herself. She was kind enough though, to give a taste to her brother and I.

The cookie part is plain tasting, but dip it in the chocolate and it's could pretty much say that about anything dipped in chocolate.

What is fun about this little snack is that each stick has a saying on it like "Gallop Away" or "Eat More Carrots."

As you might imagine, it's all pretty messy. Especially if you want to get all the good chocolate left at the bottom when the sticks are all gone.


ames said...

I *love* yan yan! Actually I just love all Japanese treats. The chocolate is by far the best flavor, though the vanilla isn't too bad. If you haven't tried them yet, you should also check out Pocky, any of the fruit flavored Gummys, and Botan Rice Candy. Yum!

Anonymous said...

It looks yummy for the tummy ! Has good messages too !

Edi said...

We have tasted some of the Pocky and Rice Candy. Funny about the rice candy...bought some for the kids and I kept trying to take off the inner wrapper that was on the candy - but couldn't b/c it was stuck all over - so I ended up throwing them away. My dd still had her pkg and then I read that the inner wrapper was EDIBLE - that's why I couldn't unstick it!

Let Delos Santos said...

I love Yan Yan! The best cookies dip in chocolate! Buying dozens of those!