Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Trip - Part 1 By GroovyGirl

Just visiting with Abe and his family...

It will take me awhile before I get settled back in and caught up on things - so I thought I'd let my daughter, a.k.a. "GroovyGirl", share her thoughts on our recent trip. This is part of a writing assignment she has been working on.

This is all in Groovygirl's own words...I'm just typing it for her.

"Like I have said before my family loves trips. On New Years we talked about the trips we wanted to go on. "Springfield" was on the list. These are the places we went to and what we thought of them.

Lincoln Museum: After spending 2 hours sitting in the back seat we finally could get out of the car. We had just parked in a parking garage. It was large, quite empty, and had bars on the windows. "This must be what jail feels like!" exclaimed my brother. Inside the first thing I saw was Lincoln, his wife, and 2 kids (not real guys). Then we went into "The White House" a few rooms in the museum with statues all around! Before we were done we had to go see some movies - the first was a cool drama called "The Ghosts of the Library." The secret? Holograms. The next film was in a different theater. It was called "Lincolns Eyes". At some parts the chairs jumped! It was a lot of fun.

Let's see what my family thought. Mom: "I liked the ghost thing and the room decorated like a funeral." Brother: "I liked it - I loved everything." Dad: "I thought it was super!"

Maid Rite: A hamburger restaurant with loose meat - I loved it! (great rootbeer too!) After lunch I called it a "Cute Little Country Diner."

Dana-Thomas House: An old house - it was huge. I think it was mom's favorite thing! It's amazing how bit it was! It had a bowling alley, a billiards table, 3 main levels but 16 floors in all! Three musicians porches, a breakfast nook, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, icebox room, library and more - super fancy."


The Correspondent said...

Great narration, GroovyGirl! I've never been to Springfield, but now I'll know which places to visit when I finally get to go.

ames said...

I tried to play dress up with the same outfits but unfortunately there weren't any in my size :( But I was very impressed by the "Ghosts of the library" exhibit, they really did a great job with the Lincoln museum. Glad you guys got to see it!

CanadianGrandma said...

Hey, GroovyGirl! I loved your very thorough description of the places that you visited. It sounds like you had a great time!

Paige said...

Wow….. It sound like a nice vacation trip.