Sunday, August 10, 2008

Katy Trail - Part 2

Yesterday after an early supper, we headed out to begin "Part 2" of our Katy Trail ride.

Last time we went as far as the bridge above - so this time we drove to the parking lot by the bridge and started there.

It was a very pleasant evening on the trail. Few riders/walkers/joggers and the temperature was relatively cool. All together we rode about 10 miles - which means 5 miles further down the trail and then back to our starting destination.

Now here was a kind of odd thing that happened on the trail.

We were riding along the trail when coming in the opposite direction was a lady and a man. I instantly recognized the lady as someone I had seen at a restaurant about an hour away, three days before.

When they passed us coming back I heard them talking to each other for about 5 seconds - and in that 5 seconds they mentioned the name of the restaurant we were at.

If we lived in a small town of 10,000 and this occurred it would not have been so surprising. But we live in a pretty large metropolitan area - and I NEVER ever run into anyone I know. Well let me correct that - I did run into our librarian at the Big Lots one day - but the library is almost right next door to Big Lots so that isn't so surprising.