Thursday, August 7, 2008

In Case You Are Like My Mother

and are wondering what ever happened to "Exotic Eating Experiment" - I'll tell you.

This blog started out about the kids and I trying new foods and then blogging about it. Throughout the months it has morphed into more of a "typical" blog about what is going on in our lives. Our families and friends live hither and yon - and so this is a good place to let them all see what is happening in our corner of the universe.

We continue to try new foods once in awhile - whenever we come across something that looks interesting - but I haven't been as active in scouting out new things for us to try. Our great international food store is about a 1/2 hr drive and for some reason I haven't been as enthusiastic about driving out there as regularly.

So this is the reason there hasn't been as much food experimenting going on...


Anonymous said...

please try more cool foods like B4.