Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Return of Wendy's!!

A couple of years ago all the Wendy's Restaurants in our city, closed :( It was a big disappointment to the kids and I...for no other reason than the delicious Frosty!

Last year when we were in New Mexico we spotted a Wendy's and had large Frosties for a meal.

About a month ago we were out driving and we were stuck at a red light waiting for the turn signal. Thankfully the wait was a bit long b/c as we were waiting we happened to look across the street to where the old Wendy's Restaurant was. And surprise! surprise! The Wendy's sign was turning!! And there was a sign that said "Grand Opening" and there were people there!!!

We were excited!

Yesterday after swim class the kids asked if we could get a Frosty. When it comes to such things, I'm a bit of a push-over. We went.

It was about 11 AM and it was very busy!! Seemed like an over-abundance of workers in the kitchen and behind the counter as well. We ordered our 3 Frosties and I went to fetch some spoons. The spoon area was empty. I asked for a spoon. "We are all out of spoons." I was told.

Now I don't know when I have last been at a restaurant of the Fast Food Variety when they have been out of a staple item like spoons. "She's gonna want her money back too." I heard one of the ladies say. "You can drink it with a straw," she added. They found me ONE spoon. If I had wanted to drink it with a straw it would be a milkshake and we were not there for milkshakes. I took the spoon for myself and gave the kids a fork and a straw. They didn't care, they were just happy to be back in the land of Frosties.


Anonymous said...

What is in a frosty ? I've never had one unless it is called something else in another fast food place.

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