Friday, June 13, 2008

Goya Pink Beans

My daughter has always been crazy about the color pink. To her anything is beautiful as long as it is pink.

The other day we came across a can of "Pink Beans", so naturally we had to buy them and taste them.

The flavor was pretty much like all other beans (the only bean that I've tasted that tastes a lot different than the rest, is kidney beans).

There was a bit of a disappointment when the girl spotted the beans and saw that they didn't look very pink. I agreed. We ate them anyway.


Anonymous said...

Looks like brown beans to me ! I can understand your daughter's disappointment.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I believe that if you got them raw/dried instead of canned, they would appear more pink. Beans usually change color with cooking.

katiez said...

Color is good - as long as it's positive.
I knew a woman who would not eat green food... Not too bad if you think of lime jello...but salads!?! Green beans?!?! Spinach?!?!
And your beans? Just a very deep, browinsh pink...