Friday, June 13, 2008

Have You Seen One of These Babies???

I'm all for having hand dryers that actually dry your hands. But what about hand dryers that practically remove the epidermis from your hand? When you place your hands underneath this dryer, you can see large portions of your skin being pushed back in waves!

Now let me state that I do not USUALLY bring a camera into a public restroom. I happened to have it in my purse because we had been doing other things earlier in the day - and so I still had it with me.

Make sure you are wearing earplugs before you place your hands under the XLERATOR. Make sure you hold onto any little toddlers that may be standing beneath the XLERATOR because they might get blown away. It is that powerful. Actually, if you are not holding your toddler's hand BEFORE you activate the XLERATOR - you will be soon. It's just another one of those toddler tormentors that make small children afraid of public restrooms. Similar to those crazy automatic flushing toilets that are so loud and forceful that they make a poor little kid fear that they are going to be sucked right into the toilet (and b/c toddlers/young kids are so small the sensor to flush may be activated repeatedly while the child is still on the toilet...enough to cause Junior to regress back to diapers until he is 13).

It's a good thing the dryer isn't the type where you can change the position the air is blowing. Someone positions it up, instead of down, and when grandma and her wig goes to dry her hands, you can imagine the scene.

And speaking of public restrooms - in the same way that I am happy to have any means to dry my hands other than my shirt, I am always glad when there is actually a soap dispenser that is both working and full of soap. But yesterday when I used a public restroom (or washroom as we called them in Canada) - there was a bar of soap by the sink. I couldn't use it. You can just picture the germs swimming around in the damp outer layer of the soap bar. Thankfully I had disinfectant wipes AND instant hand sanitizer in my purse to use.


ames said...

Hah! I'm *still* frightened by those auto-flushers, they really do feel like they could suck you right down!

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen an auto-flusher yet, but it sounds scary. I ALWAYS carry a hand sanitizer in my purse, although my husband is not convinced that it really works. To me anything is better than nothing !