Saturday, May 17, 2008


Today we went out and picked some flowers and plants for the planter in front of our house. In previous years we have not had much success.

Tulips and daffodils grow well but other things we've tried haven't worked out too well.

In the fall we did plant a bunch of mums and I didn't realize they were perennials - so they have come back big and bushy and hopefully will flower nicely in the fall.

Last fall I had (foolishly) told the girl that she could have (or maybe I just said perhaps she could have) - a garden for herself...we were dreaming wildly in the fall/winter. Well when it came to the official planning stages we decided that we'd only do the front garden until we see what works.

We did have a little pot on the front steps and I told her she could pick out some flowers for that and it would be her own little "garden". Small - but maybe the right size for her right now. She choose some marigolds and some cute pansies. I love the color of the pansies because they are purple AND orange! Have never seen a cute little mix like that before. She seemed happy with her little garden.

And of course, after 1.5 hours in the hot sun, a stop at Taco Bell for supper with lots of soda refills - put everyone in a pleasant mood. At least it worked for me!


Anonymous said...

That's the first time that I have seen purple and orange pansies. I'm glad that your daughter has her own little "garden"---that is so special for a child !

The Correspondent said...

I love those flowers. And it's a great picture.

If you have the time and interest, I tagged for The Five Things meme. No pressure, though.