Saturday, May 17, 2008

Quirk Meme

I was tagged by Jennifer, for a meme on 6 quirky things about me. I asked my dh for help since one cannot always recognize the quirky things in himself/herself. His reply was, “the whole package!” Well I wouldn’t go quite that far, but I did come up with a few quirks.

1. Before bed, I always have to check that the little toaster oven in the kitchen, is not on. I check this by touching the top of it. I’m not as concerned about checking my regular oven b/c for one thing it warms the room up so if it’s on I can notice it. Not so with the little oven. My vigilence did pay off. One time I did my usual check and the oven was hot. Problem is it was not on but it was plugged in! We got rid of it.

2. I can only drink certain things out of certain cups or glasses. For instance – milk can be drunk from a glass or a mug, but soda can only be drunk from a glass. Tea is preferable in a tea cup, but I will use a mug (but not one with thick rims) if need be. Water out of a mug would practically cause me to gag!

3. I hate being late. I'd much rather be 1/2 hr early than 10 minutes late. I hate it when other people are perpetually late - I can't understand it.

4. I prefer about 3 pillows when I am sleeping. Two under my head and one on top of my head.

5. I can't read a map very well and I'm terrible with directions - this in part, affects me in regards to #6.

6. I hate driving. Well driving on an interstate. Well primarily the merging portion...I'm always not sure I'm gonna quite make the merge and it will be my last.

OK I've completed the meme except for tagging others...which I'm going to be a poor sport and skip. Kind of like breaking the chain in a chain letter I guess...


Anonymous said...

Well, I fit into four of your six points ! Like mother like daughter!!!

Heather said...

That meme is still going! Wow (did it several times in the last two years:)) I have a similar quirk about drinks that I am determined to overcome. :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for playing along. I am completely with you on number 3. But, ever since I had a baby I find it harder and hard to be on-time (read early) anywhere. A baby changes everything!

Karla said...

I totally agrees with numbers 2 and 3!!