Monday, May 19, 2008

Beer-Can Chicken

A few years ago, I heard for the first time about "Beer-Can Chicken". It is a method for cooking a whole chicken over the grill and keeping it moist.

The outside and inside of the chicken are seasoned with a "rub" - then using an empty beer can (we have always used a soda can) you fill it almost full with boiling water and then place the cavity of the chicken over top of the can so that the chicken can "stand" on the grill.

The chicken is grilled using the "indirect" method of heat. A pan of water is set in the bottom of the grill and the hot coals are placed on either side of the pan. The pan collects the chicken drippings as well as providing some steamy goodness.

The lid goes back on the grill and the bird cooks for about 1.5 - 2 hrs, depending on it's size. After about an hour - you do need to replenish the coals.

The recipe for the rub I like to use is as follows:

2 T sugar
2 T salt
2 T brown sugar
2 T cumin, ground
2 T chili powder
2 T freshly cracked black pepper
1 T cayenne pepper
4 T paprika

I usually double the recipe. You kind of have to decide for yourself as to how much of the rub you'll put on the chicken. I doubled the recipe and used less than half the mixture on one chicken. Before putting on the rub - slather the chicken in some oil.

The skin on this chicken ends up so crispy and delicious! The kids beg for pieces of the skin to eat while I'm cutting up the chicken. I also indulge when I'm not worried about the calories and the general unhealthiness of it. But even if you peel off the skin - the chicken tastes great!


Anonymous said...

Who doesn't like the skin on chicken or turkey ! Delicious! Today it is a holiday in Canada (Victoria Day) and as usual it is cloudy and raining off and on. The fireworks will start tonight ,weather permitting.

The Apron Queen said...

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