Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cute Running Partner

Running partner around age 1...still cute at age 6.

For the past week or so, my 6 yr old son has been trying to go running when either my dh or I go out.

When he'd hear us up - he'd dash to get dressed...but usually he was too late and the runner would have already left, not knowing someone was wanting to tag along, or the runner had already returned home by the time the fella was awake. Or it was a non-running day. Big disappointment for the little lad. He even tried sleeping in his running clothes so he'd be ready faster in the morning.

But last Wednesday, due to my dh leaving early, I had no one to leave the kids with while I went running. So they went with me. It was drizzling out. The boy was very enthusiastic and excited. One other time our whole family went running. Again the boy was full of energy. Then he ran with his dad once. Then he began to complain of aching legs. His running is on hold for now.

It was encouraging though to see the little guy wanting to do something with mom and dad and even though we slowed down our running some, it was still a lot of running for a 6 yr old. And yet he kept wanting to do it on subsequent days.

When I'm doing stretches - he does too. I sometimes see him doing stretches now even when I'm not doing any.

One morning I was asking my dh, "how do you do that one stretch for your IT band?" and the boy overhearing said, "Oh, I can show you." And sure enough - he showed me pretty accurately.

I hope his enthusiasm for physical activity continues.


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful that your son wants to do things with you. I'm sure he'll want to continue with the exercising when he sees his parents doing it.