Monday, April 28, 2008

Why Do I Bother to Bring My Camera

It's not all that unusual for me to bring my camera to some notable event or activity, and to leave with little or no photos. I guess I could use the excuse that we're having so much fun that no one is thinking of cameras or that a photo wouldn't do the event justice, you just "had to be there". In reality it's because I'm a lazy photographer. Or at least lazy.

So for our latest trip to the country I came back with only photos taken at the creek. A great photo would have been of the children covered in dirt after playing outside or the kids carrying heavy logs of wood into the basement to help out the grandparents or a photo of the kids running and playing and full of happiness. But I'll have to be content with the few photos I did take.

On the road to the creek. Yes that is a light saber in the boy's hand - it is a constant companion of his since he got it a month ago.

The girl is more brave than I. Ever since I found out that the creek has Agkistrodon piscivorus (AKA cottonmouth or water moccasins) I've decided my swimming days there are over. She still wants to swim in the creek - but I'm not sure if that will be allowed. I did let her wade in the water without her rubber boots on though...

There are always little "treasures" for children to find at the creek. Interesting rocks, frogs, snakes and the like. This little fella is pocketing some special rock...


Heather said...

I have brave kids who fill their pockets with lots of treasures as well. :) I love the pictures.