Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Clover Chips - BBQ Flavor

Clover chips are a Filipino snack made from corn and tapioca. This bag of chips cost about $2.

I didn't think there was much BBQ flavor which was disappointing. The chips kind of reminded me of rice cakes - they were light and crisp and not very flavor-ful.

Dd thought they were "tasty, crunchy - can't describe the flavor but it's yummy."

Ds - he liked them but "not too much...kind of tasted like the seaweed nets - but these are actually kind of spicy."

I thought it was rather an interesting marketing ploy to add "with vitamins" to the package. Nothing like having a healthy junk food snack! Which reminds me - the other day my ds asked if the soup we were having was "healthy". I said "yes". "Well then it must be slow food," he replied. "Slow food?" I asked. "Yes - junk food and unhealthy stuff is fast food - so healthy food must be slow food." Well being that it sometimes takes him a long time to finish some healthy food that he might not like - I'd say he labeled it slow food rather correctly.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they are not that tasty , but they look interesting enough to try . Cute comment by your son !

Jennifer said...

Your son must have read the South Beach Diet! That is the basic premise (if I remember correctly). Food that takes longer to eat (like a salad) is healthier. Food that can be eaten quickly (like a fast food bean burrito) is less healthy.

Edi said...

It would be an interesting study to test the fast food/slow food healthability. Salad definitely takes awhile to eat...