Monday, April 14, 2008

Pillows Ube-Filled Crackers

These deep lavender colored "crackers" were very tasty.

Ube is the Filipino word for purple yam. I admit I do not taste anything yamish or purple-ish about these treats.

The outside reminds me of Rice Chex cereal, painted purple. The inside is filled with some purple ube that tastes like the white part of an Oreo cookie.

The boy just took a small bite and said "yuck". The girl liked the pillows a lot and asked for more.

A 42 g bag cost about $1, and comes from the Philippines. The main ingredients are: milk powder, sugar, rice, wheat, salt, natural and artificial ube flavor.


Anonymous said...

If it tastes like oreos it must be good ! I absolutely love the colour ! It would be great for a tea party !

Edi said...

well just the inside purple part reminded me of the white part of an Oreo cookie.

Rita Mastrangelo said...

Could you tell me where I can purchase these in Australia? thanks