Saturday, April 12, 2008

How Not to Look Old

When I went to pick up my books that I placed on hold at the library, I saw a book I did not remember ordering.

That isn't too unusual because sometimes I might request a book or dvd months before it ever gets around to being my turn to check it out. Or sometimes my dh will place a book on hold on my library card without my knowing about it. Sometimes it's just a library error and I figure it out right away because it will be something totally strange and beyond our scope of "How to Raise Baby Goats for Hormone-Free Eating" or "Horror Movies of the 90's" or "Algebra for Fun".

The book that appeared in my library lot yesterday was called "How Not to Look Old...Fast and Effortless Ways to Look 10 Years Younger, 10 Pounds Lighter, 10 Times Better". I asked my husband this morning if he ordered it for me, he didn't. So I figure I must have seen the book referenced somewhere, thought it sounded interesting, and decided to order it. That or someone at the library figured I needed it.

I'm soon to be 40 - and though I know I probably won't ever look 20 again - I wouldn't mind a few tips on looking better. Though from a health perspective I'd rather be 10 lbs lighter than look 10 lbs lighter.

Notice in the subtitle of the book above it says "fast and effortless ways". Well just skimming through this book I'm not sure how effortless some of these tips are. For example the section on "Brow Fixes: Extensions, Prosthetics, and Tattooing." This talks about what women with thinning or loss of eyebrow hairs may choose to do to thicken them up a bit. A 90 min brow extension service can cost $100 and up and would need a redo in about a month. Or if you decide to go with the tattoo it can cost about $500...but the problem with that is that it will eventually fade to a lovely purple color, which, unless you are a circus clown - it will need to be touched up.

I guess I'm not so sure what is "effortless" about the above procedures other than you would not be the one applying the extensions or the tattoo so you could just lay there for 90 min or so and "relax".

In all fairness there are some helpful tips that are effortless in the book, like wearing pink lipstick instead of dark red...or changing a hairstyle or your wardrobe (didn't say it would be inexpensive).

I'm going to continue reading this book - though I'm not sure if I will ultimately change much. All the pictures of the women in the book are from "Hollywood". Photos of women that have probably had plastic surgery, have had professionals style their hair and makeup prior to the photos and are wearing clothes that may look nice - but they are far above the amount I'd ever spend.


Anonymous said...

Gray hair is considered "a crown of glory" in GOD's eyes ! It is true that we should be presentable to the public and that we should take care of our bodies which GOD has given to us !

Edi said...

I don't believe it's the physical gray hair that is a "crown of glory" in God's eyes - rather age and the wisdom that usually accompanies age - and the honor that is due to someone b/c of their age.

I don't think having gray hair makes a person more righteous...God is interested in our heart - not our outward appearance.

Neglecting our appearance or being too concerned about our appearance can both be bad.