Monday, April 14, 2008

I Don't Know What Was in the Mustard

I love mustard. I'm willing to try most kinds - but my favorite is probably spicy brown. I'm not crazy about mayo on my sandwiches - so any sandwich that might usually have mayo (other than egg salad) - I substitute mustard.

Today I went to Subway (kid's forced me into that) and bought a Veggie Delite Sub. Wholewheat bread with a bit of cheese, veggies and topped off with some "spicy brown mustard". I'm sure I've ordered it like that before and it was great.

Well no doubt about it - when they say spicy brown mustard, they really mean it! I don't know if I have ever eaten something before today, that actually burned the lining of my nostrils! A first time for everything. Great pain. Burning. Eyes tearing up I'm sure. It was very strange and a bit scary. It didn't happen with every bite - so there must have been areas of the sub that had greater mustard concentrations.

Let's just say if you have a stuffed up nose due to a head cold - just head on over to Subway and ask for a double dose of spicy brown mustard on your sub!

There was a large sized, cardboard cut out of Jared of Subway Weight Reduction fame, inside the store. Said he's kept off his weight for 10 years!

When the kids heard his story - they said they wanted to eat at Subway everyday b/c they needed to lose weight. Of course they don't need to lose weight. I think it had more to do with the fact that they were eating a PIZZA SUB - which they love - and which was most likely NOT on Jared's Subway diet plan.


Jennifer said...

Are you sure they didn't pit jalapenos on your veggie sub?

Edi said...

There were jalapenos on the sub - but the heat wasn't coming from them. I'm used to jalapenos...this was definitely in the mustard!