Thursday, March 13, 2008

Zentis Kartoffeln - Marzipan "Potatoes"

For a very long time (she'd probably say, "All my life") dd has been wanting to try marzipan. Whenever we'd pass some in a store she'd comment about how she wants to try some "someday".

Today another of her wishes came true - for the small amount of $2.09. There was a small bag of marzipan with little balls in it that were made to look like potatoes. I'm not sure why potato looking candies are popular enough to actually be a candy by itself - but it is. These candies come from Germany.

I found this quote "There are a few things which belong to Christmas, such as the delicious genuine Zentis Marzipan Potatoes. They have often made eyes light up."

The ingredients are: sugar, blanched almonds, cornsweetner, fat-reduced cocoa, humectant invertase. Don't know what humectant invertase is but it sounds kind of gross.

We all agreed these candies were tasty.

Dd - "Tamarind candy! Sort of nutty, sweet, and coconutty - really, really coconutty."
Ds - "(Like) chocolate covered cherries."
Moi - I thought it was chewy and tasted like fudge - almond extract flavored fudge.


We are THAT family said...

I thought marzipan was a dance. Boy, am I learning!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I was obsessed with marzipan as a child, too, until my mom helped me make some. I can see why she balked; almonds aren't exactly cheap.

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious ! It's definitely a " tryer " !