Friday, March 14, 2008

Koala's March White Chocolate Creme - China

Dd spotted these and thought they were too cute to resist. She bought them with her own money and paid about $1.50 for this little package. A product of China.

The box is kind of octagonal shaped and has pictures of koala bears. It is cute. The kind of treat that definitely appeals to little girls (and boys).

The cookies inside are little puffy "X" shapes with various picture outlines of koalas doing different things like driving a car, playing a musical triangle etc.

The box says "white chocolate creme filled cookies" and the picture kind of looks like there would be a lot of creamy chocolate pouring out with one little bite - not the case. Rather the cookies are somewhat hollow inside, with the walls coated in white chocolate.

We all liked the cookies. They are not overly sweet and it's only a hint of chocolate that you taste. Dd did think they tasted a bit like Oreo cookies.


Anonymous said...

The koala bears are so cute ! I am not a chocolate fan, but they are going on my list to try grandchildren would love these treats !