Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eye Spy....

Nothing really to do with eating...though I just thought of something about eyeballs that is food related...I still remember a film in grade school talking about how some kind of whale or fish eyeballs were like candy for the Eskimos (which I believe is a politically incorrect name now-a-days...but I don't know the politically correct name).

Also today at supper ds was having trouble finishing off his fruit salad. He is veryyyyyy slooooooow at eating foods he's not crazy about. He eventually will eat them - it just takes awhile. Well first he had to pick out the 2 small banana slices that I missed when I doled his fruit out. Then he was still kind of being slow and there were a bunch of green grapes sliced in half - so I said (thinking it would sound cool) "why don't you pretend they are Sith eyeballs?" With that he spit out the grape that was in his mouth. It "grossed him out" - who would have thought?? Now I don't know what Siths even are (and my dd piped up to say that Siths is not the proper way to pluralize Sith) but they have something to do with Star Wars.


Anonymous said...

The name for Eskimo is Inuit and the "eye" delicacy is from seals. If you watch Survivorman you'll find some exotic foods to sample !

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I have a very active imagination and when I was little all someone had to do was say something like "ladybugs" and I couldn't eat anymore. I couldn't eat sourdough pancakes and chokecherry syrup for a year because my dad called them giant boogers (the acid inthe pancakes turned the red syrup green).

Speaking of, have you posted about how to get picky kids to try new things yet? If so would you send me the link? If not I would love to hear how you get your kids to be so adventurous.

A Dusty Frame said...


My dad has a missionary friend that has fish eye stories that make you ill;0.

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