Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday - Kids Painting

I bought some washable "poster board" paints for the kids. They are not the typical little disc shaped water color paints, but they are already in liquid form and come in little bottles. They are very messy.

Usually I like the kids to paint outside when using these paints - so I set up a space for them on the picnic table or I bring the paint easel outside. When they are finished painting themselves and their pictures - I can hose everything and everyone off with the garden hose. The pictures can be hung from the clothesline or clipped onto the fence until they are dry enough to bring in the house.

Well I had left the paints outside over the winter and the kids decided to do some painting out there one day when playing. The paints got very messy w/out mom around to supervise and clean up afterwards. I brought everything down into the laundry room to try and salvage the paints. I was cleaning everything up in the laundry room sink - rinsing off bottles and trying to find their matching lids - and suddenly I thought of something. It's not an idea that I came up with on my own - I'm sure I've read it somewhere at sometime.

Using egg cartons to limit the amount of mess from liquid paint and to avoid contaminating one color with another.

When the kids would use the poster paints I'd worry about them dipping a paint brush covered in black paint into the white bottle and permanently ruining the white paint. Or I was concerned that someone would knock over the bottle of paint and all would be lost. So here is a solution.

The next time you use up your last egg, save the styrofoam container. Wash and rinse it out if there are any bits of egg inside. When painting time begins - pour a small amount of paint into each "cavity". If they need more paint later you can always fill it up again - but you don't want a lot going to waste. Leave a few "cavities" empty - the kids can use those spaces for mixing paints to create whatever color their heart desires.

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Heart of Wisdom said...

Good idea. I hope you got all the paint off of everything....:0)
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fullheartandhands mama said...

Good idea. I'll be using this one once it finally warms up around here.

CC said...

Good idea! If it gets nice again..... ;)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I wish our eggs came in styrofoam for this very reason.

We use old margarine or sourcream container lids as palettes for color mixing when using acrylic paints. Then you can just toss them when done.