Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Anchovies are little fish. The only time I've heard of anchovies is in relation to pizza - and I've never been brave enough to try any on my pizza (who wants to ruin a perfectly good pizza??).

My dd wanted to try the anchovies yesterday at "snack time" - so I opened up the tin. Well opened it part way, it got stuck and I wasn't going to risk slicing up my fingers to try and open it further.

I hadn't a clue what the anchovies would look like...I imagined them to be kind of little and round like capers...which is kind of silly, since they are fish - they ought to look like fish and not look like capers. Sure enough - they looked like little fishies. They reminded me of thinner looking sardines with a lot of bones as thin as hair, poking out all over the place.

As I read that they can be super salty and strong flavored - I decided to soak and rinse them in cold water for a bit before doing our taste test.

Could almost imagine these are alive...

I gave the kids a taste...ds said "Tastes like salty tuna" and the girl adds "That's exactly what I was gonna say." Even though we all just ate a tiny bit at a time - they were very salty and indeed tuna like. The girl kept wanting more "I'm getting addicted to it" she said.

The girl popping a big piece in her mouth.

I think the anchovies were a couple of dollars - don't remember the country of origin and the tin is thrown away, at the curb waiting for the garbage truck so we'll never know.

I made pizza for the kids at lunch and dd had some little anchovies sprinkled on hers. She liked it.


Beth said...

I have never had anchovies so I'm not sure if I would like the way they taste or not. But I absolutely love that your kids are willing to try something like this!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

They can also be very good on crackers with cheese or cream cheese, or on pasta with cream. It has been a loooong time since I've eaten them, though. My husband can't even stand the thought of them.